Ajibika is a Swahili word that means “responsible or accountable”. Ajibika society was registered in February 2015 at the registrar of societies under the societies act. It was born out of the need to create an independent forum to citizen participation and the need to encourage communities to be pro-active rather than reactive to the challenges facing the country, both at the national and county level.

Our activities are in line with our program areas of


    This is a program that seeks to create pro active communities and spur citizens’ conscience. This is a program that seeks to create pro active communities and spur citizens’ consciences into becoming proactive and responsible citizens and cultivate tolerance amongst people. Among activities under this program include
    a) Peace building
    b) Environmental conservation
    c) Leadership and VOLUNTEERISM
    d) Ethnic tolerance and cohesion


    A program to encourage dialogue and information exchange as part of public involvement in development and governance. Among activities under this program are;
    a) Civic education, voter education, public participation
    b) Citizen participation in leadership and governance
    c) National values and ethics
    d) Public awareness on corruption


    This is an empowerment and mentorship program that seeks to draw experiences from role models in society to help uplift lives and create responsible leaders. The program targets the youth in the community with a bias on boys and young men. This is to ensure youth achieve their greatest potential and reduce the number of youth engaged in violence and school dropout. Among activities in this program include;
    a) Entrepreneurship
    b) Community service
    c) Conflict resolution and management
    d) Leadership and patriotism
    e) Mobilizing mentors


    By giving time in community initiatives and learning from other people’s experiences, individuals can help uplift and transform society as well as gain experiences, expertise and skills.
    The Purpose of the exchange program is to bring people together to understand, share and learn from each other. From county,National and International.


    This program seeks to support initiatives geared towards the following activities;
    a) Health and sanitation
    b) Water and Environment conservation
    c) Good governance

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