Ajibika is a Swahili word that means “responsible or accountable”. Ajibika society was registered in February 2015 at the registrar of societies under the societies act. It was born out of the need to create an independent forum to citizen participation and the need to encourage communities to be pro-active rather than reactive to the challenges facing the country, both at the national and county level. The founders saw the need to create a bridge and open up communication and participation avenues.
To achieve the above realizations Ajibika has a three pronged approach
a) Education
b) Empowerment
c) Networking
Ajibika Society Takes pride with its network of members and volunteers who have been instrumental in helping realize its programs and objectives

Our Mission

Ajibika society is dedicated to making every citizen in Kenya and Africa realizes their individual responsibility and potential. We empower, educate and Network with Government and private bodies, Institutions and encourage people to be pro active.

Our Values

a) Responsibility
b) Respect
c) Spirit of service
d) Independence
e) Networking

Our Vision

Towards involved and proactive communities.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a platform to contribute and enhance participation in development
  • Provide an environment for members and partners to share and learn to maximize the benefit of Networking and support junior clubs and alumni.
  • Conduct education, capacity building, dissemination and awareness campaigns on community issues