Public Primary schools in Kenya have been facing a number of challenges. Key among these challenges has been Inadequate and run down physical facilities and infrastructure. There has been little if any public investment in improving infrastructure in these schools. This has resulted in low public confidence in public primary schools and parents have opted to take their children to private schools.

This project aims to bring back public confidence in Public primary Schools by improving the school infrastructure and the face of public schools. AJIBIKA (AFRICA) SOCIETY intends to undertake a project that seeks to rehabilitate the physical classroom facilities through floor TILES PROJECT through partnerships with other likeminded individuals, corporate and institutions: Our intention is to have non slippery tiles for classes of the 36 public primary schools in Thika town.

Strategy for Implementation of SCHOOL TILES PROJECT

The project will be implemented through the following strategies that we will share:-

Need Based Approach:

This project will be just like other projects for Ajibika and as is the professional practice, all activities will be based on needs assessments and will seek to measure the viability as well as meet the objectives of Ajibika Society and its partners.

Collective Ownership Process:

To avoid creating a dependency syndrome, emphasis will be laid on collective contribution and ownership of the process and the project.  Members and other stakeholders are, and will be encouraged to contribute ideas and resources that will enhance the success of the SCHOOL TILES REHABILITATION PROJECT.

Broad Based Partnerships:

The needs assessment and implementation phases will seek to bring on board all partners as would be necessary and possible.  These would include the business community, other civil organizations, and community leaders, Companies, learning institutions, government agencies and Organizations operating within Kenya and around the world.

Project Based Approach:

A project based approach to the planning and implementation will be emphasized to ensure that the projects do not go against the fundamental objectives and purpose the Ajibika Society, its beneficiaries, the Kenyan people and partners at large.

Our networking partners.

We invite you and your institution to be our partner and come help us implement this project.